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Update on Project

 We are disappointed to announce that we will no longer be opening the restaurant.


We were excited about this project and what it would mean to the people and town of Walhalla. But as we've worked on the design over the past six months, we became increasingly concerned about the construction and labor environment. The building needs major renovations to retrofit into the type of restaurant that we envisioned. Originally, we were willing to accept a long-term return on investment, but in the past couple of weeks after final estimates, it has become evident that any reasonable Return on Investment (ROI) is unlikely given current market conditions. Construction costs alone have risen dramatically this year. Restaurants are risky enough without this type of construction expense to start. This is a direct result of the current economy.


We are disappointed that we will not be pursuing the project at this time. We are committed to Walhalla and are now reviewing other options for the historic building.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

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