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300 E Main

Walhalla Turn of Century.jpg

Photo credit: City of Walhalla Facebook page

300 E Main in 2020

Abandoned, neglected and tired. Worn, ugly and dated. These are all words that you would possibly use to describe the old building. But at one time- someone loved her. She was shiny, new and fresh. The plaster was barely dry, the wood strong and brick perfect. Expectations were high and merchants clamored to have their wares inside. Over time something happened. She grew old. 

But to those who know her, whose heritage and background are in Walhalla, the old building has more than an address.  It has a memory. The name, the address, the building at 300 E Main is now part of history. It is the history of the small town in which it resides.

There are a lot of little things wrapped up inside those walls.  Hopes and dreams of those who have gone by. Some of those have lived, loved and passed before you and I came along. The building is part of the landscape, the downtown, the heritage, and the memories of those who live in Walhalla. It's legacy lives on because we preserve it. History is special. It is important for it to be recorded, coddled, nourished and loved. If we don't, we forget. If the past is evil it needs to be forsaken, and maybe then we should try to forget. But we also need to remember the good, and the hard times, so we can change, so... we can be better. To learn from our mistakes we must hold onto history. It's who we are, and where we are from, that makes us into the people we are now. 

Growing old doesn't have to be the end. It can be beautiful. It can be a new beginning. It can be a fresh pallet to build from.  It takes someone to have new hopes, dreams and expectations; and to see the potential in a project. That is what we have for our new "300 Main". She used to be just 300 E Main, old and historic. Now she is 300 E Main, old and historic; but also bold, beautiful and modern. She is special to us and will hopefully be special to you too. We will showcase her beauty and history- inside and on this website. We hope to bring you knowledge but also learn in the process. Stay tuned for more tidbits and info about 300 Main.

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